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Few today are interested in Negro history because they feel the matter already settled: the Negro has no history.
    This dictum seems neither reasonable nor probable. I remember my own rather sudden awakening from the paralysis of this judgment taught me in high school and in two of the world's great universities. Franz Boas came to Atlanta University where I was teaching history in 1906 and said to a graduating class: You need not be ashamed of your African past; and then he recounted the history of the black kingdoms south of the Sahara for a thousand years. I was too astonished to speak. All of this I had never heard and I came then and afterwards to realize how the silence and neglect of science can let truth utterly disappear or even be unconsciously distorted.  Black Folk Then and Now (1939) Dr. W. E. B. Dubois

Click on the titles below to read important history from the African American community of Haywood County, Tennessee.

1909 African Landowners in District 2, Haywood County

A Community Life

An Account of Late 1950s Events in Haywood County

Community Pillars

Dr. John Frank Evans, Second Generation Medical Practitioner

Dr. John William Evans, 1874 - 1946!

Dr. Joseph B. Logan, Long Time Stanton, TN Physician!

Dr. William L. Watkins: Brownsville Dentist 1924-1936!

Dr. William Ollie Irving 1887 - 1941

Everybody Had An Outside Hustle

Families Educating Their Children

Feeding Ourselves: The Family Garden

GMHS Sometimes Gets Something Wrong!

High School A Hundred Years Ago

History Is More Than Accomplishments of Individual Persons

Dr. Myles V. Lynk and Founding The National Medical Association

Making Something Out of Nothing

It's Important That We Share

Juneteenth, The USA Finally

Celebrates the Abolishment of Slavery

Life During Enslavement in Haywood County

Life for the Enslaved

Life Is Sometimes Dangerous

Picking Cotton!!!

Reaching Out To The World

Remembering the Details of 20th Century       Tenant Farming

She Changed Her Name To Gustava When She Was Eighteen

Snakes in the Cotton Field

The Rituals of Spring

Those Days When We Picked Cotton

Was One of the 20 Plus Africans Landed at Jamestown in 1619 an Ancestor?

Was This A Sign Of A Growing Movement Across the South?

Wesley Wills and The Lebanon African American Cemetery

What Haywood County Lost When Citizens’ Voting Rights Were Illegally Repressed?

Where Did Your People Come From?

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