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Autumn of Grace.jpg

The Autumn of Grace Exhibition in 2013, showcased the intelligence, beauty, grace, and elegance of a representative group of women from the African diaspora in Haywood County, Tennessee. These photographs were taken by Brownsville native and world-class art photographer Jerry Taliaferro. As he describes his black and white photography of these women, “it is a photographic study of the physical and spiritual beauty of the Black American Women we see around us every day. This collection of twenty-four women over the age of 75 from Haywood County is representative of African American women from antiquity to present. The beauty and elegance revealed in these photographs gives a brief peek inside the stories of those who remained in the shadows, but whose contributions were no less important than those whose names and images are emblazoned in the history books.


Click here to enjoy a short video clip: Autumn of Grace

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