"Every man dies, but not every man truly lives...From the movie "Braveheart"


Collecting funeral programs was not something Mrs. Emma Jones Bowles set out to do. She collects lots of things (she has tons of gadgets and more than 25 photo albums) that are important to the Douglass Community in rural Haywood County, Tennessee. The funeral programs sort of fell in her lap. Over the years she collected many of them herself as she attended the funerals of her family and friends. After a while when her family and friends would attend without her, they would bring or send them to her because she liked to read and keep them. The box where she kept them kept growing and eventually held more than 1,500 programs—the 770 included here and duplicates. The ones included in this project were gathered over the past 47 years and they offer a unique peek at those that have touched us and left a rich legacy of love and hope. Included in these programs are the programs of midwives, businesspeople, church deacons, pastors, community activists, homemakers, sisters and brothers.